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  • Importance of Hand Washing

    Washing your hands often is one of the simplest steps we can take to improving our overall health on a daily basis. It can prevent illness and the ...
  • Deadly viruses are no match for plain, old soap — here’s the science behind it

    Shameless Soap Co wants to provide thorough, credibly sourced, and comprehensive information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Below is an article w...
  • Do all-natural soaps and cleaners protect against COVID-19?

    Shameless Soap Co wants to provide thorough, credibly sourced, and comprehensive information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is an article written by Lauren Steele explaining how all natural soaps and cleaners can be more beneficial and also provides informative facts regarding the virus and how you can help prevent it from spreading.
  • Essential Oil Jewelry

    Do you have a favorite essential oil you want to wear? Then essential oil jewelry is perfect for you! Essential oil jewelry is a stylish way of uti...
  • Makeup Removal Pads

    Easily remove your makeup with just warm water and our makeup removal pads! Ditch the chemical-filled makeup wipes that take years to decompose and switch to a natural, earth-friendly way to remove makeup.
  • Recycled Canvas Makeup Bags

    Our canvas makeup bags give a unique and sustainable twist to your every day makeup regime!
  • Gift Giving Guide

    Shameless brings you many options to create affordable, fun, unique, and personalized gifts that any recipient would love! We offer a variety of products to accommodate a variety of skin types and smell preferences. This gift giving guide gives you some tips and tricks on getting the best bang for your buck and great ideas for the lucky person you're treating!
  • Show You’re Thankful for Your Skin… Show Your Shameless

    Happy Thanksgiving- now time to get ready for the winter weather! It's the time of year when chapped lips and dry skin peak and it seems there isn’...
  • The Science Behind Why You Should Smell Good!

    The power of smelling good doesn't only effect your confidence, mood, and emotions, but also the people around you. 
  • DIY Laundry Detergent with Our Awesome Soap!

    Turning your favorite scent of bar soap into your favorite scent of laundry detergent will save you money and make your clothes smell as amazing as...
  • Benefits of Goat's Milk Soap

    Goat Milk Soap offers many vitamins and nutrients that your skin absorbs and will love you for!
  • Back to School Essentials

    Time to go back to school and back to the stress and exhaustion that comes with it. These are some blends that will be a nice pick me up or a calm me down, a natural way to get you through the year and to perform your best!


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