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Gift Giving Guide

Shopping for someone on a budget? No worries! We have wonderful gift giving ideas that will stay within your price range whether you have $10 to spend or $100! Do you already have a gift? Add on a couple of scraps to give it a little extra 'something, something.' They're only $1.75 each!

Of course smells can often be challenging for gift giving. Thinking of the recipient’s usual perfume/cologne fragrances, soap names or scents that remind you of them or a memory of them, and their day-to-day life can all help you decide what products they may like. For example, if they have a lot of stress build-up, scents such as lavender, chamomile, bergamot, ylang-ylang, and geranium are a few scents/essential oils that will promote a relaxing, calm atmosphere.

Ranging from lotions and cremes to soap bars and liquid washes, our handcrafted blends are fresh and all manufactured in the Midwest. We also offer bath bombs, essential oils, travel bags, lip balms, and many more- a fantastic variety to create a spa goody bag!


Here are some ideas on the different gift bundles you can do based on your budget:

$10: Three soap scraps ($1.75/each = $5.25), one soap saver, which helps with draining the soap between uses ($4.50).

*Tax not applied, subtotal: $9.75

$25: One glycerin luffa ($7), a travel size lotion or creme ($5.75), makeup removal pad ($4.50), and a bath bomb (prices vary, $7.00-$7.50).

*Tax not applied, subtotal: maximum of $24.75


$50: One bar of soap ($7), one soap saver, which helps with draining the soap between uses ($4.50), 8oz. Lotion ($16), 8oz. Creme ($18), beeswax lip balm ($3.75)

*Tax not applied, subtotal: $49.25


$75: A bath bomb (up to $7.50), essential oil (up to $15), one bar soap ($7), 8oz wash ($14), travel lotion or creme ($5.75), makeup canvas bag ($19.95), makeup removal pad ($4.50).

*Tax is not applied, subtotal: Maximum of $73.70


$100: 8 oz. lotion ($16), 8oz. Creme ($18), 8oz Wash ($14), 4 soap scraps ($1.75/each = $7) OR one bar of soap ($7), glycerin luffa ($7), one soap dish (up to $25), a soap saver ($4.50), a bath bomb (up to $7.50).

*Tax is not applied, subtotal: maximum of $99


Here are our most popular masculine scents, perfect for Father's Day:



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