Makeup Removal Pads

Did you know that it takes 100 years to break down one makeup wipe? Makeup wipes are the third most wasteful products in the world, but we have an alternative to make sure your face is makeup free without damaging your skin and how to minimize your contribution to pollution!

The Makeup Removal Pad is made out of biodegradable, organic cotton, polyester, and microfiber, and can be recycled! All you have to do is apply warm water to the makeup removal pad and use it to remove your eye or face makeup effortlessly! You can easily clean your face while preventing acne and hyperpigmentation, which is caused by the harsh chemicals inside the conventional makeup remover wipes, just by gently rubbing the pad across your face. Traditional makeup wipes merely smear makeup all over your face and leave large amounts of product stuck in your pores that cause permanent skin damage. By using the makeup removal pad, it can reach deep into the skin’s pores while picking up the dirt and impurities, leaving it flawless. Plus, you don’t need to put too much work into taking off your makeup, let the makeup removal pad do the heavy lifting. There are different pads that are better for heavy, medium, or light makeup days. It’s strongly advised to get three pads, that way you’ll have one for however much or little makeup you have to remove! Cleaning this eco-friendly makeup pad is just as easy as using it - just wash it with soap and warm water or toss it in with your clothes while doing laundry! Just make sure you air dry it!

Make your skin look and feel good while saving the planet. 

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