Moisturized Skin = Happy Skin

How often does your skin feel itchy, flaky, or dry? How often do you apply lotion and it still doesn’t seem to do anything? If that’s the case, then keep reading, because I’m here to help give you tips on ensuring you can achieve moisturized skin to create happy skin. 

First thing’s first, you may want to consider reading your ingredients in your soaps or your lotions. There may be chemicals in your products that are drying out your skin more than moisturizing it. Please keep in mind that when you use soaps and moisturizers with chemicals, those chemicals go into your skin and damage it rather than help it, this is why we advise using products with as little to no chemicals as possible. Also, reminder that Shameless Soap Co. products are for the most part all natural. Some of our products that have a synthetic fragrance contain just a 2% fragrance that is not all natural, but is very minimal to still ensure keeping your skin healthy.

However, a lot of other variables contribute to dry skin. Since it’s summer time, sunburn, along with being dehydrated, causes dry skin; check out our blog on Natural Sunburn Remedies and make sure that you stay hydrated for the heat! 

Timing is also important to consider. Moisturizing after a shower or when your skin is still damp is a good habit to get into because it absorbs the moisturizer better. This also applies for after hand washing. During these unprecedented times, it is strongly encouraged to continuously wash your hands, but that isn’t any reason to let them be dry, itchy, or irritated. After washing with a natural soap, gently dry your hands and apply a natural lotion while they are still slightly damp and massage it in thoroughly. 

In some cases, the lotion you’re using isn’t thick enough; try using a creme. Cremes have more butters in it and is a thicker consistency offering even more moisture. Cold weather is probably the largest culprit to contributing to dry, cracking skin however, your skin can be dry in the heat as well, so it’s very important to monitor different irritations you may feel depending on the season. 

While we do our best to stay healthy and wash our hands constantly, along with the sun burning our skin and dehydrating us, we also have to do our best to ensure our skin is happy and healthy. By making the switch to natural products, being mindful to what irritates our skin and what doesn’t, and doing the extra step of moisturizing after washing, your skin will be thankful. Everyone’s skin types are different in some way; it takes some time and patience to figure out what works for you, but when you do find it, it’s amazing how much of a difference it makes.

Less is more, naturally.



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