Qualities of a Good Soap Bar

When it comes to making a good bar of soap there are five qualities that most soap makers formulate their soap recipe for: Bubbly, Cleansing, Hardness, Conditioning and Creamy. The bubbliness ensures that the soap will lather. Cleansing makes sure that the soap can trap dirt and be able to wash it away. The hardness of your soap bar is important because the harder it is, the longer it will last you - you don’t want a mushy soap bar! Conditioning ensures that there is moisture soaking into your skin rather than taking away moisture. And the creaminess describes and measures the stability and creaminess of the soap lather. 

The core ingredients in handcrafted soaps are olive oil, coconut oil, and palm oil. Olive oil contributes to the conditioning quality of the soap, it ensures that the soap isn’t drying but provides moisture instead. Coconut oil provides the hardness and it also provides the bubbliness for soap. Lastly, while palm oil also helps with hardness, it also gives the lather it’s creaminess. 

Of course, fragrance is also critical for a good quality soap bar since that’s usually what sets it apart from other options. Having a soap that is pleasing to the nose and sits gently on your skin is what makes your favorite soap so unique. Overall, finding a soap that lathers well, cleans thoroughly, is hard to ensure long-lasting product, moisturizes, and smells good are the main contributions for finding a good quality soap. And don't forget to read the ingredients to see what is going on your skin - because what goes on your skin, goes in your skin.



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