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Recycled Canvas Makeup Bags

Our makeup bags that we carry are awesome for several reasons.

First off, they’re made from recycled canvas. Recycled canvas consists of recycled cotton that would have gone into the landfill and would decompose about 6 months later. Using recycled canvas is a wonderful and sustainable way to transform waste into something useful and desired.

Secondly, they’re machine washable. If you get makeup spills or something that could stain your unique bag, then just put it in your washing machine with your clothes and let it air dry; this will just make the fabric get softer and softer which makes you love your bag even more.

Lastly, they’re SO stinkin’ cute (we even have a bag that says that)! With different styles, colors, phrases, and pictures, there are several options for you to choose one that is perfect for you or a friend!

The measurements of this bag are 11” wide x 9” high and includes a small pocket on the inside; the bag that could hold all the essentials that make up your face. However, these bags are not just used to hold makeup, they’re also perfect for school supplies, traveling, and really anything that you would need a bag for. Even the non-makeup wearers can appreciate these witty bags!




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