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Show You’re Thankful for Your Skin… Show Your Shameless

Happy Thanksgiving- now time to get ready for the winter weather! It's the time of year when chapped lips and dry skin peak and it seems there isn’t enough chapstick or lotion in the world to help it. Our mission is to help stop that feeling! Our products are hand-blended in small batches with minimal ingredients to provide the freshest product. The only chemical we have in our product is a 2% synthetic fragrance, but we do offer all-natural products with essential oil blends. 

One of the most popular winter challenges is chapped lips. All. The. Time. We offer our chapstick with a beeswax base. From lavender to cotton candy to pina colada, we have a range of all-natural or nearly natural balms. We choose to use beeswax because of the moistening properties it brings to your skin. Beeswax contains natural moisturizers that seal that moisture inside your skin, which keeps your lips moisturized for the long term. Most balms contain artificial and petroleum-based chemicals to moisturize, but those do more damage than good, resulting in many reapplications in the long run.

The issue of ashy, itchy, dry skin is a big dilemma we have to face with the brisk weather. Our handcrafted cremes contain larger amounts of butter, making a thicker consistency and providing ultra moisture which is perfect for dry arms and legs. Our lotions feel just as good with their gentle moisturizing properties. They provide a light and hydrating touch to your hands and don't give off a greasy feeling. Pair up our lotion or creme with our handcrafted bar soap or a liquid wash for a well-rounded skincare regime. 

Some of the most recommended bar soaps to use in the winters are our super shea and goat's milk soap. Super Shea is essentially soap and extra shea butter providing immaculate amounts of moisture soaking into your skin. We offer a variety of goat's milk soap which has many nutrients and vitamins that bring a lot of moisturizing properties with it which stay with your skin long term with continual use. Click here to read our blog on the benefits of goat's milk soap.

After using our product, many find that their skin is soft immediately after application and maintains that moisture as the product is regularly used. Often, after using lotions with chemicals and other damaging ingredients, you'll find your hands and body feeling drier and in need of more applications. Similar to how dehydrating salt can be when consumed, if you try to solve the dehydration with drinking soda or other drinks with high sodium levels, it just makes it worse. That feeling of dryness doesn't and won't end if you continue to put products with chemicals on your skin. Because what you put on your skin goes in your skin. 

We hope we can help others battle dry skin this winter. Show your skin you’re thankful for it by taking care of it and join our #showyourshameless movement. 



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