The Science Behind Why You Should Smell Good!

Similar to the confidence boost we get with a fresh haircut, putting makeup on or even a new outfit, smelling good can also represent confidence and how well we take care of ourselves. For example, when not smelling good, you may feel insecure, shy, or dirty and can be shed in the same negative light from others. However, when you continuously smell good, it can boost your confidence, mood, and feelings. These results not only impact you, but anyone else who comes in your path. If you don't smell good, people will often react negatively, but, when smelling pleasantly, people can have an uplifting energy.

The science behind it is that our brains naturally have chemical messengers called pheromones. These messengers trigger things like physical and sexual attraction to deep emotions of love and empathy which are subconsciously detected through several factors including the nose.

Studies have shown that scents can even alter people's perception on how you look! Floral and/or spicy scents are shown to make people perceive you are 12 pounds lighter, while grapefruit creates a perception of being six years younger. Scents such as lavender and licorice are shown to be especially alluring to men (perfect for date night!). The power of smelling good doesn't only effect your confidence, mood, and emotions, but also the people around you.



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