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The term "cold process" refers to the fact that no heat is applied during soapmaking.

Handcrafted soaps made from scratch require three things to become soap: oil, water, and lye. It is the chemical reaction between these ingredients that turns them into soap. Most soap has other ingredients added to provide more benefits and are scented using either plant-based essential oils or fragrance oils.

The feel of the lather varies, also dependent upon the oils used to make the soap. The lather can range from tiny, very slippery, long-lasting bubbles to big, fluffy, short-lived bubbles. The selection of oils determines the hardness of the bar, the amount of water used, and how long the soap has cured. Cold process soaps will continue to get harder as they age because additional water evaporates out of the soap.

When you use our bars of handcrafted soap, you know it was made with the personal touch from a group of skilled soapmakers.

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