Raw African Soap

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Fresh. 100% Natural, raw & unrefined product of West Africa.

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Ingredients | Water, Cocoa Pod Ash, Palm Kernel Oil, Plantation Leaves

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Weight 4.5 oz

1 review for Raw African Soap

  1. JP

    The best product I have ever used for preventing and treating blemishes/acne. Doesn’t dry out my skin, lightly exfoliates and polishes. My husband, who’s had acne since his teens, is really picky about skin products and he loves this soap. Our kids are now teens and using it. Recently I gave a bar of this to a friend who’s got some scarring from chronic acne and the next time I saw her, her face appeared smoother and clearer. Who knew that in a world of complicated, fancy and expensive products that overpromise that this simple, low cost soap would be the one to beat?

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